Artists Loving Artists

Episode 19 - Emo Monday: Julien Baker & The Format

April 13, 2020

Welcome Back to Episode 19 of Artists Loving Artists! This week, I'm joined by my friend Dylan Reeves. His love of Screamo and my love of Melody led us to a mutual discussion on a middle ground of: Emo (no rhyme intended)..We discuss Dylan's picks from Julien Baker: "Sour Breath" & "Appointments" as well as my picks from The Format: "She Doesn't Get It" & "Tie the Rope" - both Heavy & Nostalgic - Both Pretty & Pretty Dark - In addition, Dylan & I lightly touch on our Mental Health during Quarantine and discuss how delving into Emo(tional) Tunes can help with the worlds current state. I hope you all are doing well in your situations and are using it to make way for doing Whatever You Truly Want – ALA is a part of that for me and I hope this vibration extends a little break from any Quarantine Boredom or Anxiety you may be feeling. Have a Great Week! - Mina

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