Artists Loving Artists

Episode 15 - Corinne Bailey Rae & Norah Jones Mini-Sode

September 21, 2018

Welcome back! This week is about all about the magic of vulnerability in a song. Corinne Bailey Rae and Norah Jones are both masters of transparency with their emotions (sometimes perhaps in ways only women can convey) only to have you relate on a level that surpasses reality. From a story of Corinne leaving a tipsy voicemail phone call expressing her Love to her one and only all the way to Manhattan where Norah is leaving a double life of a relationship, nothing gets passed the warmth and magic these rare find of female Artists are able to convey through their craft. This week I breakdown Corinne's "Call Me When You Get This" & Norah's "Back to Manhattan" in another mini-solo episode. Hope you all enjoy!

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